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Repairing the VV-XI-A (Circa 1918)   Part 1 of 2


  • Remove the crank by unscrewing it (turn opposite direction as winding)
  • Remove the turn table.
  • Easy enough, just lift up and pull it off.
  • Remove the two front screws (Front right screw is shown above)
  • (Front left screw is shown above)
  • Once the screws are removed pull up on the knob.
  • The area where the turntable was should rotate with the front coming up.
  • Once rotated up, you should see the picture above.
  • To remove the motor push in on the guide to remove it from the pin in the direction of the arrow.
  • then you can life up in the direction of the arrow on the whole box and pull out the motor.
  • View of right site (life up in direction of the arrow)
  • View of Victrola without motor.
  • Place Victrola face down so you can view the motor.
  • The Springs are encased inside the silver cylinder.
  • The arrow points to a screw we need to loosen to remove the cylinder.
  • Loosen this screw and then push the pin through the entire cylinder and gears.  It may be a little difficult to remove, but it will come out.
  • With the center pin removed you can now pull the cylinder and two gears out of the motor.
  • With the cylinder out of the motor, you should now be able to pull the two gears out from the ends of the cylinder.
  • All these parts can be cleaned with paint thinner as well as the springs and other pieces.
  • The part that took us the most time to figure out was how to pull apart the spring cylinder.
  • If only we knew that it was a pretty simple band that held the lid on.
  • Clean the top of the cylinder and using a small screw driver pop off the band that holds the lid on.
  • Once the band (pictured above right) is off you should be able to pop off the lid by sticking a screw driver through the bottom of the cylinder and resting it on the inside of the top lid and tapping.
  • This by far took us the most time as over a period of 90 years you can imagine the gunk had built up making it difficult to remove.
  • We actually thought we broke it because we popped off the very top ring (not the band, the thing that the rod in the middle was riding on.. 
  • Not sure if it's supposed to come off or not, but it did and went back on easily.
  • With the lid off NOTE THE DIRECTION OF THE SPRINGS BEFORE REMOVING!   Ours was clock wise on top and counter clockwise on bottom. (Our motor had two springs)
  • Pull the spring from the middle out (middle first)
  • SAFETY NOTE:  Probably best to wear gloves and eye protection as the springs are under pressure.  (We are lazy and didn't do this.)
  • Between the two springs there was a metal insert.
  • The piece on the right is the lid
  • The two springs after being taken out of the cylinder.
  • To clean the springs we soaked them in paint thinner and wiped them down, removing the built up grease.
  • In fact all the parts from the cylinder to the gears we soaked in paint thinner and removed the grease. 
  • There was built up gunk all over the parts.  In some places we needed to use steel wool because it was so stubborn. reassembly

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