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  Victrola Repair


VV-XI-A Repair


About Me

I've had an interest in Victrola's for a long time.  Every time I use mine, I can hardly imagine someone's amazement when they first heard music privately in their living room.  It makes me wonder what I find amazing these days people will think hum drum in 2109.  Part of my fascination is the fact that the volume is SO LOUD from something with no electricity and only a little needle picks up.  Not only do I really enjoy listening to music, but these machines make great antique furniture and talking pieces.

Having a number of friends and family who have Victrola's that are broken or malfunctioning I decided to try my hand at repairing one.  Thankfully I had a friend who was just as adventurous as me, who has a broken Victrola.  While repairing I got the idea for this site, because it seemed to me perhaps more people would take the initiative if they knew how easy it could be to repair/regrease their Victrola.

Before taking on this task I studied "The Compleat Talking Machine" by Eric L. Reiss which I borrowed from the library here in Chicago (I'm a cheap bastard).  If I had an e-mail address for him, I would send him a note thanking him for the book which showed what we would expect to find while taking apart the motor.  Before reading this book, I honestly though the "springs" were like the springs you would find in a pen or car.  I also referenced this web page which was how I found Mr. Reiss' book.  If you are thinking of repairing your own Victrola I would reference these yourself.

VV-XI-A Repair Instructions




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Repairing my own VV-XI (Different style motor)



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